Longmore Electrical Cable Management

The Longmore brand is also owned by the Liberty House Group, a UK based global association of businesses with operations spanning six continents. Longmore is a long established trade name remodelled to meet the demands of the harsh Middle East environment.

Longmore: Product Range

The Longmore range includes all popular 20, 25 and 32mm diameters (larger sizes upon request) GI Conduit, Conduit Accessories, Flexible Conduits and Switch & Socket Boxes and is fully compatible with extensive selection of premium Barton Cable Management products, also owned by the Liberty House Group.

Longmore Cable Management products are engineered to withstand extreme Middle East climate conditions of sub-zero to +50°C air temperatures that include high concentrations of salt, dust and humidity and is designed for use in all public and private developments including airports, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, tunnels, sports stadiums, towers, hotels and places of worship

  • Careful selection and control of all steel strip.
  • In line tube welding, seam removal and continuous Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).
  • High quality automated Hot Dip Galvanising inside the bore and on the outer diameter of the tube giving all products a Class 4 corrosion rating.
  • Automatic tube threading and coupler assembly.
  • Durable and touch plastic end caps fitted to the exposed threads.
  • Coded identification providing full product traceability and identification.

Longmore: Quality Assurance

Longmore Cable Management products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant British Standards and are subject to the Liberty Precision Tubes continuing assessment programme by BSI Assurance UK which confirm compliance with ISO 9001:2008 certificate no. F5650604.

Product Standard
Rigid GI Conduit & Fittings BS 4568 part 1
BSEN 50086-2
BSEN 61386-21
Switch and Socket Boxes BS 4662
Flexible Conduit & Adaptors BSEN 61386-23

Longmore Cable Management products are monitored to ensure it complies with the current edition of the I.E.E. regulations covering electrical cable protection.